How to quickly Success deposit at Wjslot

In order to join in gambling at WJSLOT, players must make a deposit at Wjslot into our bank accounts by following these simple steps:

Deposit at Wjslot via local banks

In order to deposit via local banks, the players should follow 4 steps:

Step 1: They must contact our 24/7 customer service for our bank account numbers.

Step 2: They deposit into our provided accounts

Step 3: Confirmation

  • Firstly, the players are required to sign in on WJSLOT.
Login to wjslot
Login to wjslot
  • After sign in, click “deposit” section.
Click “Deposit”
Click “Deposit”
  • Click the “Transfer” section in the transfer method option list.
Select Payment Method
Select Payment Method
  • Then, click “local bank transfer method” fill all the required information on our website, and click “Finish”.
  • After that, the players are sent a transaction code by our system (Notice: This code is not evidence that the players transfer money until their deposits are confirmed by WJSLOT).

Step 4: After finishing all information, the players are requested to send their receipt to our email at [email protected]


Players’ deposits made via banks shall be credited right away after being received in the bank.

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Deposit at Wjslot Notes:

  • Wjslot The minimum deposit amount for a single time is PHP100 , and the maximum deposit is unlimited.
  • For members who have not yet opened online banking, please contact your bank counter in person.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us Wjslot COM 24/7 Online customer service。Or contact customer service phone, customer service mailbox。
  • The QR code for payment can only be used once!So please use the new latest one for future deposits, and avoid reusing saved QR codes or be self responsible to funds loss.