Wjslot Agent Cooperation

WJSLOT is legally registered in Costa Rica and the Philippines. With a wide range of products and the most fair, just, and open system among the many gaming sites on the market, you are welcome to join the ranks of WJSLOT Agent partners, and you can start earning an unlimited income without paying any fees. WJSLOT is definitely your smartest choice! For relevant cooperation methods and details, please contact customer service.

Wjslot Agent Cooperation Event Details:

  • 1. You must apply to register as Wjslot agent.
  • 2. After successful registration, you can log into agent background, and see your marketing data and exclusive referral link in background.
  • 3. Place your referral link on your website or social media post. Visitors click on the link and are taken to the Wjslot.com website then sign up and start playing.
  • 4. You will earn up to 1.0% commission on valid bets made by your downline.
  • 5. Agency commissions are paid daily. Every day, we will send commission to agent background, you can log in exclusive Wjslot agent background to withdraw cash.
  • 6. Commission can be withdrawn directly without turnover.
  • 7. The system will track any form of fraud and freeze the account for processing.
  • 8. For details, please refer to: https://www.Wjslot.com/Promotion
  • 9. Wjslot Terms and Conditions apply

Wjslot agent cooperation 0 risk 0 investment
Wjslot agent cooperation 0 risk 0 investment

I. Wjslot  Agent registration statute

In order to prevent unscrupulous businessmen from abusing the agent preferential system provided by Wjslot, we will strictly review the personal information (including name, IP, address, email address, telephone number, payment method, etc.) provided by each agent when applying for registration. . If an agent is found to have any bad profit-making attempts, or conspiracy and arbitrage with other agents and members after review, Wjslot Entertainment Company will close the account of the cooperative agent, deduct the principal in the account, and recover the All commissions and offers from agents. Members with the same IP/same name/same collection account can only be the offline members of one cooperative agent, and the agents themselves cannot become offline members of other agents.

Ⅱ. Terms of Rights and Responsibilities

1. Wjslot Rights and Obligations to Alliance Partners

The customer service department of Wjslot will register the downline members of the cooperative agents and observe their betting status. Agents and members must agree to and abide by Wjslot’s membership regulations, policies and operating procedures. Cooperative agents can log in to the management terminal interface at any time to observe the betting status and activity overview of their offline members. Wjslot reserves the right to refuse or freeze the accounts of cooperative agents or members.

Wjslot reserves the right to amend any regulations in the contract (including: the existing commission range, commission plan, payment procedures, and reference plan regulations, etc.), Wjslot The company will notify the cooperative agent by email, website announcement, etc. business. If the agent has any objection to any modification, he or she can choose to terminate the contract, or contact the customer service staff for comments. If the agent does not raise any objection, it will be regarded as the default contract modification, and the relevant regulations after the modification must be complied with.

2. The rights and obligations of alliance partners to Wjslot

Cooperative Wjslot agents should do their best to widely publicize, sell and promote Wjslot to maximize the profits of the agents themselves and Wjslot. Cooperative agents can publicize, sell and promote Wjslot with a positive image without violating the law, and are responsible and obliged to inform their members about all relevant preferential conditions and products of Wjslot.

If the cooperative agent chooses to promote Wjslot and requires payment, the agent shall bear the cost. Any relevant information of Wjslot including: logos, reports, game screens, drawings, copywriting, etc.), the cooperative agents shall not copy, disclose, or distribute relevant materials without permission, and Wjslot reserves the right of legal prosecution. If the agent needs relevant technical support in business promotion, please feel free to contact the Wjslot customer service staff.

Ⅲ. Wjslot Agent The details

Cooperative Wjslot agents of all levels cannot open dual/multiple agency accounts without the permission of Wjslot Entertainment, nor can they earn commissions from Wjslot’s game accounts or other related parties. Please keep in mind that no agent can bet with an agent account, Wjslot reserves the right to terminate and seal the account and all commissions earned in the game.

In order to ensure the account privacy and rights of all Wjslot members, Wjslot will not provide any member password or member personal information. Cooperative agents at all levels are also not allowed to obtain member data in any way, or log into lower-level member accounts arbitrarily. If an agent is found to have violated the privacy of Wjslot members, Wjslot has the right to cancel the agent’s bonus and cancel the name The agent’s account number.

A member of a partner agency may not open more than one account. Wjslot reserves the right to require members to provide valid identification to verify their identity, and reserves the right to determine whether members have repeated registrations by IP. If the above matters are violated, Wjslot has the right to terminate the player’s game and seal the account and all commissions earned in the game.

If a member of a partner Wjslot agent is banned from using Wjslot games due to violation of the regulations, or Wjslot returns the deposit to the member, Wjslot will not allocate the corresponding commission to the agent. If the credit card and bank information used by the members of the cooperative agent for deposit must be reviewed, Wjslot will retain the relevant commission until the review is completed.

The contract conditions will come into effect after Wjslot officially accepts the cooperation Wjslot agent to join. Wjslot Entertainment companies and agents may terminate this contract at any time. In any case, if the agent wants to terminate the contract, it must notify Wjslot in writing/email within seven days in advance. The performance of the agent will be reviewed every 3 months. If the agent is no longer an existing cooperative member, this contract can be terminated at any time. If the agent violates the contract, Wjslot has the right to terminate the contract immediately.

Without the permission of Wjslot, the agent cannot disclose and authorize the relevant confidential information of Wjslot, including the feedback obtained by the agent, commission report, calculation method, etc.; the agent is obliged to execute the confidential documents after the termination of the contract and data confidentiality. After the termination of the contract, the agent and Wjslot will not be required to perform the rights and obligations of both parties. Termination of the contract does not relieve the agent of its obligations prior to the termination of the contract.

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