Cockfighting with iron spurs at WJSLOT

Cockfighting with iron spurs at WJSLOT is known as Asia’s leading online betting paradise, including the game ofcockfighting with iron spurs . The classic  halls here attract thousands of players to visit every day. So do you know the rules of cockfighting with iron spurs? Why is this game so popular? Follow the article of WJSLOT to get the answer.

Summary of cockfighting with iron spurs

Answering questions about cockfighting with iron spurs
Answering questions about cockfighting with iron spurs

Cockfighting with iron spurs is a game that originated from traditional cockfighting activities that have a history of thousands of years in Southeast Asian countries. This is a famous folk game that often takes place at festivals and attracts many players to participate.

Here, the cocks are given iron spurs on their legs before competing. This special weapon will increase damage and help fighting cocks win more easily. In addition, when competing with iron spurs, the nature of cockfighting matches also becomes intense, dramatic and extremely attractive.

Review the appeal of cockfighting with iron spurs

Extremely classy cockfighting
Extremely classy cockfighting

If you regularly watch top-notch cockfighting matches with iron spurs, you will definitely be impressed. According to many players, cockfighting with iron spurscreates great attraction through the following characteristics:

  • First, the nature of each match will be extremely tense and fierce. With iron spurs attached during the match, the fighting cock can launch fatal kicks towards the opponent.
  • The time is relatively quick, you only need to watch for 3 to 5 minutes to confirm the winning cock.
  • Because they only compete for a short time, the cocks can participate in many matches during the day. This helps players to watch dozens or hundreds of exciting confrontations.
  • The amount of money bet on cockfighting matchesis very large, especially in famous tournaments such as Thomo, C1 Cup cockfighting,…
  • Organized professionally under the close supervision of the organizing committee and referees. Therefore, cockfighting matches take place extremely fair, transparent and prestigious.

Revealing the basic rules of cockfighting with iron spurs at WJSLOT

Before participating in predicting the results of classic cockfights at WJSLOT , you need to understand the rules of cockfighting with iron spurs. Below are some basic rules of this special form of betting:

Rules for fair cockfighting with iron spurs
Rules for fair cockfighting with iron spurs

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About weight class

Bookmaker WJSLOT specifically stipulates each weight class of cocks before entering the tournament. Accordingly, there will be 3 weight levels taken into account to determine attractive matches:

  • Lightweight: gathers fighting cocks weighing from 1kg to 2kg.
  • Middle class: fighting cocks from 2kg to 3kg.
  • Heavyweight: includes fighting chickens from 3kg and up.

Based on the weight index, the organizers will pair up the fighting cocks of the same rank to compete with each other. If there is still a slight difference in weight, the handicap odds will be taken into account. The fighting cock with a higher weight will be given a handicap to the lighter opponent to ensure fairness.

About competition time

In the game of cockfighting with iron spurs , the competition time is extremely fast. According to WJSLOT experts, usually cockfighting with iron spurs only lasts from 3 to 5 minutes. There are even confrontations that last less than 1 minute to determine the winner.

About scoring

For the game of cockfighting with iron spurs , the winning rooster must completely defeat the opponent. This is determined by the referee team assigned by the organizing committee. In addition, there are some special cases that determine the winning or losing result, which are:

  • If a fighting cock stands still and refuses to fight within the time specified by WJSLOT , that cock will be disqualified.
  • The fighting cock is too seriously injured and is no longer able to continue playing and is considered a loser.
  • A fighting cock that runs away from its opponent while fighting will be immediately disqualified.

WJSLOT – the hottest cockfighting address in 2024

Whenever mentioning the cockfighting game , many people will immediately remember WJSLOT . This is an online betting paradise that offers classic cockfighting matches. When visiting this playground, you can enjoy hundreds of interesting competitions between world-famous fighting cocks. Here are some special features of this legendary cockfighting house:

WJSLOT – famous cockfighting playground
WJSLOT – famous cockfighting playground

Quality cockfighting interface

With a modern, sophisticated and luxurious design, WJSLOT brings an extremely classy betting space. The hottest matches of the day will appear right on the homepage, making it easy for you to follow and place bets. In addition, the images of cockfighting with iron spurs are broadcast live from professional arenas with HD quality. That helps everyone enjoy the fiery matches without worrying about lag.

Super VIP odds at WJSLOT

Bookmaker WJSLOT  offers extremely impressive payout rates in exciting matches. When participating in predictions, those who successfully close the bet have the opportunity to receive rewards 7 to 8 times the initial capital.

3 easy-to-play betting options

When accessing the cockfighting lobby at WJSLOT , you can participate in cockfighting betting at 3 attractive levels. If the prediction is successful, the player will receive a very valuable reward. Specifically, they are:

  • Meron: usually denoted in red, this is the door reserved for the house’s fighting cocks. You will predict that the dealer’s iron spur cock has a greater chance of winning.
  • Wala: is marked by the color blue and is where the player bets. If the player predicts that the player’s chicken will win, play this bet.
  • BDD: the iron-spur cockfighting game has a very high payout of up to 1:7. Players will bet on a draw result of the match.
Simple betting on 3 prominent playing doors
Simple betting on 3 prominent playing doors

Note when betting on cockfighting with iron spurs at WJSLOT

It can be seen that the cockfighting game is extremely attractive, classy and loved by many people. However, to successfully close a bet at WJSLOT , you should note the following:

  • Visit the safe address of the reputable WJSLOT playground to enjoy exciting cockfighting matches with iron spurs.
  • Before making predictions, you need to study the playing style of each rooster. Besides, analyze statistics related to competitors.
  • You should bet on famous fighting cocks with high winning rates in professional tournaments.

So, we have just followed the WJSLOT  cockfighting playground – the most impressive and outstanding betting address in 2024. This is a paradise for cockfighters who love cockfighting. Please visit this famous bookmaker to experience and close bets in legendary tournaments.

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